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Penny Fidget Spinner

Penny Fidget Spinner

Color:Yellow This Penny Fidget Spinner is the Perfect fidget toy to keep your hands busy or to only play with. It is mini enough to place to your pocket, and you'll take it out and have fun anytime. It is not only fun and interesting but in addition effective for the focal point, stress relief and deep thought. ...

Spiky Sensory Finger Rings (Pack of 10) - Great Fidget/Sensory Toy for Kids and Adults - Spiky Finger Ring/Acupressure Ring Set

Finger Rings – Great Fidget Toy for Kids and Adults

Whether on the lookout for a new fidget toy or tactile/sensory toy, our spiky sensory finger rings are perfect. Roll them up and down your fingers for a fun, unique sensation - they are perfect for sensory and tactile stimulation! Made with 100% high-quality stainless steel with an anodized coating, they are strong, ...

Tom's Fidgets Flippy Chain Fidget Toy Perfect for ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism - Bike Chain Fidget Stress Reducer for Adults and Kids - Blue

Bike Chain Fidget Toy

Color:Blue The Flippy Chain Fidget toy by Tom's Fidgets is a handcrafted heavy duty fidget for hardcore fidgeters. Whether you suffer from anxiety, pain, stress, lack of concentration, and so on... it is a great fidget a good way to keep your fingers busy and allow your mind to focus on what's actually important. ...

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