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A worry ring is a ring that has an inner band locked in place that may be spun even as the rest of the ring stays in one place on your finger.
The inner ring is not soldered so it moves freely on top of the other ring.
The outer ring has edges or walls that hold the inner ring in place. One flick of your thumb rotates the inner ring around the track or groove.

Why choose 316l stainless steel jewellery?
1. 316l stainless steel jewelry does not tarnish and oxidize, which can last longer than other pieces of jewelry.
2. It is in a position to endure numerous wear and tear.
3. It is amazingly hypoallergenic.
Such advantages make 316l stainless steel jewelry more popular this present day. Through time, stainless steel rings will keep its look, colour and shine, longer than other jewelry, which is a pleasant gift.

Stainless Steel Ring Maintenance Tips
1.Stainless Steel Ring Cleaning:
Your stainless steel ring requires no complicated cleaning or maintenance procedures. To make a cleaning solution for stainless steel jewelry, wipe them with soft wet cloth, simply mixing warm water with a couple of drops of mild soap.
2.Stainless Steel Ring Care Tips:
Keep your stainless steel ring away from harsh chemicals. Avoid your ring impacting on any hard substances. When taking off stainless steel ring, you’ll be able to place it inside the box or velvet bag.

EASY TO SPIN- The centre ring will also be spun manually, smoothly. Rose Gold/Rainbow/Black/Gold/Blue sandblasted spinning ring for men and women, girls and boys.
TOP MATERIAL– 316l Stainless Steel Built; Feature: anti-allergic / never fade / no rust, scratch resistant.
GREAT WORKMANSHIP– Well polished inner surface, comfortable to wear. Width: 6mm(0.24 inches) for females, 8mm(031 inches) for males.
OCCASIONS– This is a perfect spinner ring for ADHD/anxiety. Simple fashion design suits for daily wear.
3 MONTHS WARRANTY and PACKAGE– Promise 90-day Products Exchange or Money Back Guarantee. Come with a PAURO black velvet pouch.

PAURO Women’s & Men’s Stainless Steel 5 Colors Sandblast Finish Lucky Worry Ring Band 6MM/8MM